A New Place for Us to Linger?

It was a sad day when WrestlingReport.com stopped serving that very special purpose of providing an organized forum for wrestling fanatics to weigh-in on, or harp on athletes and other fans.  The forum was a mainstay in the lives of many.  When it ultimately crashed, we’re not sure who then led the pack over to TheMat.com.  It’s a great website, but just does not suit our needs in the forum realm.  On TheMat.com, Cornell Wrestling’s forum presence is comprised of a single, disorganized thread that I believe has reached over 50 pages and is sure to meander aimlessly throughout time unless someone puts a stop to it….

This site, Cornell Wrestling Den, is an attempt to do just that, to provide a home where we, the Cornell family, can write forum entries to cheer on our wrestlers or berate one another to our hearts’ content.  Maybe we can provide a bit more than just a forum?  Perhaps the site could provide fans with a more interactive experience than what they were provided in the past?

So that is what we are trying to provide here.  It’s rough.  It will morph, and hopefully grow and improve over time!  What happens down the road is up to you. This is not the Cornell Wrestling site; it is ours, the Cornell fans (at least until Lehigh finds us!)

Right now, the site, Cornell Wrestling Den, is fairly simple; we have a forum, a Feature Article / Blog page, and photo and video galleries.  The forum is very similar to what you may have used on WrestlingReport.com.  If you are reading this now, it is assumed you know how to work with a forum.  If you do not, it is suggested you contact Coach Koll directly.  Do not let him push you off on Mike or Gabe.  He will try!  The page also includes links to Cornell University’s athletic and wrestling websites, as well as other popular wrestling websites.

You are currently on the Feature Article / Blog page.  The goal here is to eventually get wrestlers, coaches, fans and alumni to contribute weekly pieces sharing their personal Cornell Wrestling experiences, insights and perspectives with the rest of us.  There are many people that will have a lot to say.  This is something to which we should all look forward.

The Photo Gallery currently features photos of some of our more recent accomplished athletes.  There is no real rhyme or reason with respect to who is currently featured.  These are the photographs we were able to lay our hands on.  If you are a former EIWA champion, All-American or National Champion and your picture is not in the gallery, do not take it personally!!  Going forward we want and need to see fan contributions.  Action shots!  Let’s create a contest naming “Photos of the Week,” culminating in a “Photo of the Year.”

We are really psyched about this and hope to get you all on board.  Hopefully this season gets off the ground.  We have so much to look forward to, and having somewhere we can all congregate, season-long might make it all the more enjoyable and exciting.  Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.