Rumor...Max to Penn State?

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Re: Rumor...Max to Penn State?

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jdalu75 wrote: 13 May 2021, 17:18 And just what we didn't want to hear related to Covid: Yankees infielder Gleyber Torres is on the MLB Covid injured list. Torres already had Covid in December, and (along with the rest of the team) received the J&J vaccine five weeks ago. Three coaches and four other members of the team's traveling party (also vaccinated last month) have tested positive as well. Only one of the eight shows any symptoms.

We're not over this by a long shot. My family's been vaccinated but I'm still going to be wearing a mask indoors (and out, if I'm near anyone else).
But....most were asymptomatic. It was clearly stated this vaccine was not as affective as others in blocking the infection, but if you got it, it would most likely not be serious - as was the case with all the Yankee coaches. So, I think we are getting over it.
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