Henri Deglane Results Men’s Freestyle

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Henri Deglane Results Men’s Freestyle

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Men’s Freestyle Henri Deglane Tournament

-RBY took Gold for Mexico
-Mike Macchiavello upset Nate Jackson to win Gold at 97kg
- Adam Valencia took Gold by winning 5 matches at 65kg at a weight that had Koldzik, Ashnault, Nahshon Garrett in it.
- Hayden Zillmer (125kg ) and Camden McDanel (92kg ) take Gold while Mark Hall (86kg) takes Silver.

Daniel DeShazer- Silver Medal
-Won by tech 10-0 over
Darian Cruz(Puerto Rico)
-Won by tech 10-0 over
Cael Nasdeo(USA)
-Loss 2-1 to RBY (Mexico)

Nahshon Garrett, 65 kg DNP
-Loss 8-6 to Stefan Coman (ROU)
-Won 13-12 over
Anthony Ashnault (USA)
-Won -9-8 over Quentin Sticker (FRA)
-Loss 7-3 to Ayub Musaev (BEL)

Aden Valencia Gold Medal
-Won by tech 14-4 over
Marwane Yezza (FRA)
-Won by tech 11-0 over
Nico Mergerle (GER)
-Won by tech 12-2 over
Benjamin Boejthe (ROU)
-Won 5-3 over Peiman Biabani (CAN)
-Won 3-2 over
Khamzat Arsamerzouev (FRA)

Matthew Kolodzik 5th
-Won by tech 11-0 over
Daniel Sandu (ROU)
-Loss by criteria 3-3 to
Khamzat Arsamerzouev (FRA)
-Won by tech 11-0 to
Nico Megerle (GER)
-Won by tech 11-0 over
Ayub Musaev (BEL)
-Loss 6-5 to Peiman Biabani (CAN)

Anthony Ashnault DNP
Loss 9-4 to Mikyay Naia (BUL)
Loss 13-12 to Nahshon Garrett (USA)

Yahya Thomas DNP
-Won 7-0 over Yernur Nurgazy (KAZ)
-Won by tech 10-0 over
Muhammad Abdurachmanov (BEL)
-Loss by criteria 2-2 to
Rifat Saibotalov (KAZ)
-Loss by criteria 3-3 to
Yernur Nurgazy (KAZ)

Tyler Berger - Bronze Medal
-won by tech 10-0 over
Nico Zarb (MAL)
-Won 4-2 over Shamil Ustaev (GER)
-Loss by tech 10-0
to Mohammad Mottaghinia (ESP)
-Won 8-6 over Joey Lavallee (USA)

Alex Facundo - Bronze Medal
Won 4-2 over Mihail Georgiev (BUL)
Won by tech 11-1 over
Stefan Kaeppler (GER)
-Loss 5-4 to Stas Wolf (GER)
-Won by fall over Pinned
Shamil Ustaev (GER)

Mark Hall - Silver Medal
-Won by criteria 4-4 over
Alans Amirovs (LAT)
-Won by fall over
Joshua Morodion (GER)
-Loss 10-4 to Dauren Kurugliev (GRE)

Taylor Lujan -Bronze Medal
-Loss by tech 11-0 to
Dauren Kurugliev (GRE)
-Won by tech 10-0 over
Matteo Monteiro (CPV)
-Won by tech 11-0 over
Alans Amirovs (LAT)
-Won 9-0 over
Krzysztof Sadowik (POL)
-Won 5-1 over Lars Schaefle (GER)

Camden McDanel - Gold Medal
-Won 4-0 over
Islyambek Ilyassov (KAZ)
-Won 7-2 over Benjamin Greil (AUT)
-Won by tech 11-0 over
Abdimanap Baigenzheyev (KAZ)

Mike Macchiavello - Gold Medal
-Won by tech 11-1 over
Mohamed Saadaoui (TUN)
-Won by tech 11-0 over
Lukas Krasauskas (LTU)
-Won by tech 10-0 over
Tarik Azzouzi (BEL)
-Won 4-2 over Nate Jackson (USA)

Nate Jackson - Silver Medal
-Won by tech 13-0 over
Florin Tripon (ROU)
-Won 9-1 over Adlan Viskhanov(FRA)
-Loss 4-2 to Mike Macchiavello (USA)


Hayden Zillmer- Gold Medal
-Won by tech 10-0 over
Levan Lagvilava (FRA)
- Won 5-0 over
Johannes Ludescher (AUT)
-Won by tech 10-0 over
Jonovan Smith (PUR)
-Won 6-0 over Omary Eyubov(KAZ)
-Won 9-2 over Trent Hillger (USA)

Trent Hillger - Silver Medal
-Won by tech 11-0 Lucas Gansi(GER)
-Won 7-0 over Omar Eyubov (KAZ)
-Won 2-0 over Jonovan Smith (PUR)
-Loss 9-2 to Hayden Zillmer (USA)
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