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Looking to the future

Posted: 07 Mar 2022, 23:16
by Docger
So far, a number of Cornell commits are no longer: Provo, D Fernandez, Darrah to Stanford. Brody Conley to West Virginia
A couple of kids with ? issues: Ryan Sokol, Merola, Saunders took his senior year at the OTC but not sure it helped him that much.
Two commits that look promising are Ruiz at 165 who is a hs junior from Delbarton and just won the NJ prep gold. And Ashton Davis, a 220 pounder from Tennessee . Most of his vids are Greco. Interesting kid who fell 50 ft into a gorge in 2020 and collapsed a lung and broke ribs and head injury. Wheelchair for 3 months. One can only hope these guys do not switch.
These light 220 pounders are healthier than the 285 pounders for the most part but against them, it is an uphill battle.
I often wonder why the huge gap between 197 and 285. That's 88 lbs when the nearest is 13 lbs between 184 and 197.
Is it just that 11 weight classes is just an awkward number? Football is more popular than wrestling and eleven seems OK there.
Even 12 weight classes, 2 more between 197 and 285 seems more fair. Something like 220 and 250 .
This has likely been discussed many times and I wonder why no change. Probably because of the even fewer freestyle weights making transition from folkstyle to freestyle on the world stage more difficult.